Mission & Values

The Mott Haven Academy Charter School empowers children in a supportive educational environment that addresses and reduces the barriers to academic success through the integration of family support services with a rigorous, college-preparatory academic program. Our graduates will be resilient, resourceful, independent scholars who have the skills necessary to reach their full potential and to build a better future.

5 Guiding Principles of Haven Academy

h  honesty
  • We tell the truth.
  • We trust our teammates mean no harm.
  • We take responsibility for our work, our actions and our words.
a  achievement
  • We solve problems and seek creative solutions.
  • We find pride and joy in our work
  • We are focused in our actions and know that wasting time limits our learning.
v  value community
  • We respect ourselves and others.
  • We anticipate and respond to the needs of our teammates.
  • We are responsible for our environment and lead change when needed.
e  empathy
  • We show gratitude to others.
  • We are kind and patient.
  • We care about the feelings of our teammates.
n  never give up
  • We work hard every day, in everything we set out to do.
  • We have courage to try new things & give ourselves time to learn to do them well.
  • We persevere through challenges.

Haven Academy believes that all students, regardless of economic status or family structure, are entitled to learn in a system that gives them the best chance for success. We believe every child can learn and achieve regardless of life circumstances.

However, in recognition of the fact that life circumstances can create barriers to academic success, Haven Academy will reduce barriers to achievement by combining family support services with a rigorous academic program. This will result in every student succeeding in school and beyond with our graduates prepared for college preparatory high schools and each will possess the skills necessary to be resourceful, caring citizens. Our partnership with the New York Foundling allows us to offer families and students a comprehensive support system. Our unique partnership among educators, families, and the community is central to our success.

Our program ensures student success by focusing on the following priorities:

Differentiated Instruction

The use of differentiated instruction enables students’ individual learning needs to be met, regardless of how their skills compare to those of other students. A small teacher-to-student ratio, as well as subject-specific instructional specialists assisting in classrooms, enable struggling students to receive more individualized attention.

Data-Driven Instruction

In order to ensure that every student reaches high levels of academic achievement, teachers must gather, analyze, and use information about student progress to differentiate lesson plans and personalize instruction.

Family Involvement and Support Services

Haven Academy understands that parent and family participation is a necessary part of a child’s academic and social success. We implement our Family Support Plan, which includes regular communication between the home and school, parent invitations to school hosted events and family access to The New York Foundling support services.

Conflict Resolution and Social Curriculum

Haven Academy is committed to teaching students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers, respect and challenge intellectual ideas and form opinions in an environment that values trust, while resolving conflicts peacefully.

Me gusta todo de Haven Academy, una de las cosas que tiene mi atención es que la principal de la escuela siempre esta disponible para dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes en la mañanas.

Fulfilling Career Choice for Teachers and Leaders.

Haven Staff Member

Me gusta todo, especialmente la atención y la comunicación que tenemos con los miembros del personal.


The second place my kids call home.


I wish I was a kid again, I would have loved to attend Haven Academy.

Haven Staff Member

The teachers and leaders at this school are the most loving and most dedicated educators in schools. The school feels welcoming and warm. Kids LOVE coming to school and that is an important part of making life long learners.

Haven Staff Member

The staff remembers your face and your child is treated with respect and courtesy. There is nothing but positive reinforcement and encouraging children to be the best.

With the support of Haven Academy, Principal Nauiokas, and the other teachers and staff, I feel part of a community—one that has the power to change our student's lives for the better.

Eric Lara - Special Ed Teacher