Music Teacher Job Description

Hired by, reports to, and evaluated by Principal

The role of an Music Teacher is an integral part of the school’s educational program. In addition to working directly with students, the Music Teacher will support colleagues by co-designing lessons and by collaborating with peers to improve teaching strategies to effectively meet the needs of all students.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and enrich expertise in the subject area you teach
  • Develop lesson plans that ensure the attainment of state learning standards and the additional specific grade- by-grade exit outcomes
  • Provide Music instruction during the school day and during after school hours
  • Plan with staff developers
  • Plan with classroom teachers, associate teachers and after school enrichment teachers to create interdisciplinary units of study
  • Differentiate instruction to best meet the needs of all students
  • Collect, organize, and evaluate key academic data about students
  • Develop and use a variety of assessments (e.g., quizzes, rubrics, written work, performances) that frequently measure student’s progress towards the school’s exit outcomes, including skills and content knowledge
  • Evaluate students’ progress on an ongoing basis
  • When appropriate, communicate with parents to provide information, learn more about students, and share student successes
  • Value and promote peaceful conflict resolution and creative and authentic problem solving; Uphold the school’s System of Logical Consequences; Engage in effective and appropriate classroom management
  • Keep an organized workspace
  • Maintain and communicate high academic and personal expectations for all students with families, support staff, specialty teachers, and leaders
  • Participate in a variety of staff development programs, including a yearly individualized professional development plan, two-week summer PD, and individual PD sessions
  • Uphold and promote the school’s mission and vision
  • Perform other duties as needed to support the ongoing development of Haven Academy (e.g. creating Music displays in common spaces, lunch and/or recess duty, tutoring, etc)


  • Two or more years of teaching experience strongly preferred.
  • Masters Degree in Art Education preferred; NYS Teaching Certification
  • Outstanding instructional skills, including the ability to motivate and challenge students
  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain a warm and orderly environment
  • A strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement
  • Unwavering conviction that all students can learn at a high level

If you are interested in a position at Haven Academy, email your resume and cover letter to careers@havenacademy.org.


Fulfilling Career Choice for Teachers and Leaders.

Haven Staff Member

The staff remembers your face and your child is treated with respect and courtesy. There is nothing but positive reinforcement and encouraging children to be the best.

Me gusta todo, especialmente la atención y la comunicación que tenemos con los miembros del personal.


I wish I was a kid again, I would have loved to attend Haven Academy.

Haven Staff Member

The teachers and leaders at this school are the most loving and most dedicated educators in schools. The school feels welcoming and warm. Kids LOVE coming to school and that is an important part of making life long learners.

Haven Staff Member

With the support of Haven Academy, Principal Nauiokas, and the other teachers and staff, I feel part of a community—one that has the power to change our student's lives for the better.

Eric Lara - Special Ed Teacher

Me gusta todo de Haven Academy, una de las cosas que tiene mi atención es que la principal de la escuela siempre esta disponible para dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes en la mañanas.

The second place my kids call home.