Head of School and Founder

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Little Haven Staff

Erin Jeanneret

Destine Rodriguez

Rosalba Rodriguez

Haven Elementary Staff

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Erin Hudson

Elementary Assistant Principal

Alyssa Heath

Andrea Parker

Andrea Ruiz-Lopez

Eliotte Bazin

Emily Kasel

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Helena Jacobs

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Jardy Soto

Jessi Smith

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Karen Santiago

Krystina Avila

Luina Munoz

Rina Veras

Sasha Redlener

Toni Palmer

Vyasa Tewari

Eileen Fitzgerald

Alexa Wernick

Anna Rockower

Ashley Baffour

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Berelize Portorreal

Chelsea Saltos

Carolina Garcia

Courtney St. Amand

Danielle Figueroa

Erin Hudson

Gleendy Marte

Jenna Lindgren

Jessica Moses

Jessica Westerduin

Julie Lynn

Karen Santiago

Kiersten Ott

Kimberlee Comrie

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Mario Castro

Michelle Mateo

Olivia Evanko

Paola Rodriguez

Rosalba Rodriguez

Sasha Redlener

Theresa Maiello

Haven Middle Staff

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Amber Smith

Middle School Assistant Principal

Joyce Lee

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Jackie Rivera

Jessica Worthman

Jill Kearney

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Marcia Tineo

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Misha Jemison

Morris Johnson

Pashanna Birkbeck

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Travis Welcome

Caitlin Keryc

Haven Staff

Nyissia Spruill

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Rosario Rodriguez

Kate Hagenbuch

Mary Bellini

David Gibson

Miguel Guzman

Terrie Mangram

Felix Guzman

Recent Testimonials

I wish I was a kid again, I would have loved to attend Haven Academy.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

With the support of Haven Academy, Principal Nauiokas, and the other teachers and staff, I feel part of a community—one that has the power to change our student's lives for the better.

Eric Lara - Special Ed Teacher

Recent Testimonials

Me gusta todo de Haven Academy, una de las cosas que tiene mi atención es que la principal de la escuela siempre esta disponible para dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes en la mañanas.

Recent Testimonials

Me gusta todo, especialmente la atención y la comunicación que tenemos con los miembros del personal.


Recent Testimonials

Fulfilling Career Choice for Teachers and Leaders.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

The staff remembers your face and your child is treated with respect and courtesy. There is nothing but positive reinforcement and encouraging children to be the best.

Recent Testimonials

The teachers and leaders at this school are the most loving and most dedicated educators in schools. The school feels welcoming and warm. Kids LOVE coming to school and that is an important part of making life long learners.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

The second place my kids call home.