At Haven Middle School for Social Leadership, we believe that all children deserve an education that equips them to be confident social leaders able to own their growth and development, promote social change, and inspire others to take action. We know that a great education requires more than academic achievement.That’s why at Haven Middle we’re committed to creating safe, inclusive spaces for scholars to learn about themselves and their community.


We believe a school environment should be a haven for academic, personal, and social development. At Haven Middle School for Social Leadership, we create an environment where scholars:

Are welcomed. We work tirelessly to create and maintain a welcoming space for scholars, families, and team members.

Learn through collaboration. Learning is not a solo sport. Scholars frequently engage other scholars as well as their teachers to push their thinking and dive into learning.

Have a voice in their own learning. Scholar voices are heard and respected at Haven Middle.


We honor the diverse voices of our scholars, families, and team members to build a responsive learning environment that prepares graduates to become:

Owners of their academic and emotional growth: We believe that scholars should graduate with the emotional intelligence to recognize their strengths and weaknesses to improve themselves and their community. Scholars are supported to become owners of their personal development — both academic and emotional.

Confident social leaders: We are committed to preparing scholars to become engaged, effective civil leaders who advocate for justice and equality. Scholars develop a nuanced understanding of American and global social history to become leaders in the social justice movement.

Citizens able to meet their goals: We believe in the innate potential in all scholars, regardless of their background. Scholars will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in high school and choose their futures.


Haven Middle uses the following instructional techniques and methods to help our scholars meet their academic and personal goals.


Personalized Learning and Targeted Support

We keep every scholar’s unique strengths, interests, and experiences at the heart of our approach. Teachers and support staff meet weekly to discuss scholar needs and tailor academic, social, and emotional supports for them. Teachers incorporate scholar interests into the classroom throughout the year.


Technology as a Pathway to Student-Centered Learning

We use technology to adjust instruction to meet the needs of each scholar. Scholars engage in online programs to proceed at different paces toward mastery of skills and concepts. Technology-driven learning tools provide data about scholars’ academic growth that enable teachers to provide targeted small group and one-on-one support based on scholar needs.


Socially Conscious Thematic Units of Study

We believe in helping prepare scholars to become strong, conscientious social leaders who recognize challenges facing society. Most importantly, we want to equip scholars with the skills and tools to be agents for change. We incorporate socially conscientious units of study into all academic courses, encouraging awareness of social issues and preparing scholars to work collaboratively to address them.


Experiential Learning with a Real-World Connection

We believe scholars learn best by doing, especially when lessons extend into the real world, and we let this belief guide scholars’ learning experiences. Through project-based learning, scholars develop critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills by applying their knowledge and skills to answer complex questions and solve challenging problems with real-world connections.


Social Emotional Learning

Our scholars develop social and emotional skills essential to success in high school and beyond. Each day, Haven Middle scholars meet with a small group of their peers and a staff member in an advisory setting to discuss their progress towards individual and collective goals and to collaboratively work to overcome obstacles. All scholars and staff also convene for a community circle as a source and model of continuous support.

Recent Testimonials

The teachers and leaders at this school are the most loving and most dedicated educators in schools. The school feels welcoming and warm. Kids LOVE coming to school and that is an important part of making life long learners.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

The staff remembers your face and your child is treated with respect and courtesy. There is nothing but positive reinforcement and encouraging children to be the best.

Recent Testimonials

The second place my kids call home.


Recent Testimonials

Me gusta todo, especialmente la atención y la comunicación que tenemos con los miembros del personal.


Recent Testimonials

Me gusta todo de Haven Academy, una de las cosas que tiene mi atención es que la principal de la escuela siempre esta disponible para dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes en la mañanas.

Recent Testimonials

I wish I was a kid again, I would have loved to attend Haven Academy.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

Fulfilling Career Choice for Teachers and Leaders.

Haven Staff Member

Recent Testimonials

With the support of Haven Academy, Principal Nauiokas, and the other teachers and staff, I feel part of a community—one that has the power to change our student's lives for the better.

Eric Lara - Special Ed Teacher