Beyond the Classroom

Arts Programming & Haven Kids Rock

Haven Academy offers robust arts programming to all students, including dance, art, and movement. Student artwork can be found throughout the school, including numerous student-painted murals. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars outside of the school day such as band, and our non-profit partner, Haven Kids Rock. This innovative program teaches kids the entertainment industry and has prompted careers for numerous students. Check out the Haven Kids Rock website to learn more.

Counseling and Creative Therapies

With a robust set of specialized mental health and social work professionals, Haven Academy can offer individual and group opportunities for students to build social emotional and interpersonal skills. Group opportunities range from informal groups such as the Girls’s Empowerment Club and Cool It Club during recess, to more formal groups such as the Queer Straight Alliance, identity development supports, and art therapies.

Recess and Athletics

Haven Academy believes deeply in the importance of play for students of all ages. All students at Haven have daily recess, when possible at a neighborhood park. Beginning in Middle School, students have the opportunity to participate in after school sports clubs and activities.

Food Program

All students at Haven receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Lunchtime at Haven looks a bit different than at other schools. Students and staff eat family-style meals, highlighting the social value of meals together while making sure all students have a nutritionally balanced meal.